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With over 15 years of trained experience, trust award winning Canadian Designer Laurie Brown with your alterations and additional ideas you have to make your gown special to you.


Sometimes you find the dress of your dreams and it just needs a few alterations. And sometimes you've found the base of a dress that you love, but you wish it had a little more. Do you want to add sleeves? Add lace or appliques? Add a two-tone skirt layer? Specializing in turning your vision into your reality, Laurie can't wait to make your personal wedding gown dreams come true. 

Alterations are available in Kelowna and surrounding area only. 


1st Fitting

At your first appointment I’ll have you put on your undergarments, gown and shoes. We’ll go over everything you’d like to alter and discuss your options. If there are things you’d like to add or take away from your dress, this is the time to bring up your ideas. I’ll pin everything and take notes. And I’ll discuss with you what the options are for your unique touches. 


What to bring for your first fitting:

  • Your gown

  • The shoes you plan to wear

  • The undergarments you plan to wear

  • Inspiration photos if you’d like to add/change your gown

  • Additional lace, material, or pieces you'd like to add

  • Any accessories you plan to wear to complete your look

  • A friend of family member if you choose!


An invoice will be made with a quote of alteration costs, half is due at your first appointment. 

Your first fitting will take approximately 30mins - 1 hr


2nd Fitting

At your second fitting I’ll have you put on your desired undergarments and shoes on with your gown. All of the work discussed at your first fitting will be complete and we’ll discuss if further alterations are needed. If there are any minor tweaks needed, I will pin again and take notes. It's possible your gown will be complete at this stage and ready to take home also. 


What to bring to your second fitting:

  • The shoes you plan to wear

  • The undergarments you plan to wear

  • Any accessories you plan to wear to complete your look

Your second fitting will be approximately 15-30 mins


Final Fitting - Shipping

We will discuss at the end of your 2nd Fitting when your gown will be ready for pick up. Usually within a week or two. If a final fitting is required, I’ll have you put on your undergarments and shoes on one last time with your gown. If only minor tweaks were made a final fitting is not necessary. If you are from out of town, I am happy to ship your gown to you with a flat rate shipping fee. 


Completion of payment is due before you take your gown home or it is shipped. 

Alterations Form

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Thanks for reaching out! I'll return your email soon!

Price List

All prices are an estimate only. Prices are subject to change without notice. An estimate for your specific alterations will be quoted on your first fitting. 

Contact Me


3645 Carrington Road

West Kelowna, BC. V4T 3G9


Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

9:00 am – 6:00 pm


10:00 am – 6:00 pm


10:00 am – 6:00 pm

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By appointment only.

The joy of my reimagined wedding dress by Laurie Brown is beyond words. 
I lost my mom to cancer many years ago and I knew I wanted to have her part of my wedding day in a meaningful way. I can say with certainty I wouldn’t have embarked on this journey to modernize my mother’s wedding dress had it not been the trust I had for Laurie’s creative process and skill. 
She listened intently to the vision I had but also brought so many incredible ideas to the table that were beyond my imagination. 
She was so thoughtful in the touches to maintain the dress’ integrity: keeping the zipper and detailed lace, creating a new skirt out of the leftover fabric and preserving a piece of the neckline as a necklace. Yet she brought a modern and editorial edge to the design in a way that if I had tried the dress on in a store, I would have bought it because it was perfect. 
I couldn’t recommend working with Laurie enough! 

Karin Yeske

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