Fashion Designer | Wardrobe Stylist
Costume Designer | Textile Enthusiast

Laurie Brown is a must watch Canadian designer with runway performances that push limits and keep you on the edge of your seat. Her ready to wear collections lead trends and focus on minimalistic detail.


Born and raised in Flin Flon, Manitoba and educated in Toronto at Seneca College with Honours and an admirable Student of the Year award, Brown is expanding her career in Western Canada and creating a community of local fashion.

Brown knows no bounds as this growing fashion star continues to rise. The winner of Season 1 Episode 6 of STITCHED, and the launch of her brand new LB baby line highlight another year of success and expansion. Premium quality and ethically made clothing are of highest importance in the products she delivers.

From ink-infused evening gowns, looks that literally change on the runway, and minimalistic baby couture, this designer is creative as she is versatile.



What is important to you? Where are your clothes from? Who picked the textile? Where was that textile made? And with what? Who drafted the pattern? Who (or what) laid the material and cut it out? Who assembled and sewed them? Who finished them? And how? How was it shipped to you, and how far did it have to travel? Do you ever stop and wonder where the garments that you dress your body in every day are actually from?


These garments are born and raised in SK. Proudly #CanadianMade

Contact me to Hire

Have an idea, but don't know how to make it? Too busy to juggle manufacturers, artwork, and orders? Or simply don't know enough about the fashion industry to see your project through?

I've got you covered! With over a decade of experience I can be the missing piece to your puzzle. 

A few job descriptions explained:

Wardrobe Styling - Brining and/or styling wardrobe on set of photography, film, and advertising. 

Product Development - Taking your design idea and making it a tangible sellable product. 

Pattern Making - Complete patterns you can use for production.

Closet Makeover - Get a one on one experience and makeover your closet to suit you and your lifestyle. Learn tips on what to fix, keep and find to make the perfect wardrobe for you.


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