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On average wedding gown alterations fall between $400 - $850 depending on how many layers are in the dress, what material is being altered (chiffon/sheer/lace/beaded/satin etc...) the type of bustle, and what other alterations and additions you'd like to have done.

Bridesmaid dress alterations are on average between $125 - $250.

Add bra cup

$20 - $40

Reshape neckline

$55 - $250

Add or adjust straps

$45 - $100

Add or remove boning

$15 - $40 per seam

Alter or taper sleeves

$40 - $135

Shorten sleeves

$80 - $150


$95 - $400

Train - remove/shorten

$50 - $335

Beading - repair or add

$50 / per hour

Add modesty panel

$35 - $120

Add two tone skirt layer

$100 - $335

Add corset

Replace zipper or buttons with corset

$135 - $375

Bodice side seams - take in/let out (armpit to waist)

$65 - $275

Skirt side seams - take in/let out (waist to hem)

$45 - $165

Shorten / lengthen waist

$200 - $400

Add Sleeves

$150 - $475

Raise or lower shoulders

$55 - $95

Add bustle

$40 - $230

Add belt or sash

$35 - $125

Add buttons or zipper

$55 - $115

Add/remove crinoline

$20 - $65 per layer

All prices are an estimate only. Prices are subject to change without notice. An estimate for your specific alterations will be quoted on your first fitting. 

The joy of my reimagined wedding dress by Laurie Brown is beyond words. 
I lost my mom to cancer many years ago and I knew I wanted to have her part of my wedding day in a meaningful way. I can say with certainty I wouldn’t have embarked on this journey to modernize my mother’s wedding dress had it not been the trust I had for Laurie’s creative process and skill. 
She listened intently to the vision I had but also brought so many incredible ideas to the table that were beyond my imagination. 
She was so thoughtful in the touches to maintain the dress’ integrity: keeping the zipper and detailed lace, creating a new skirt out of the leftover fabric and preserving a piece of the neckline as a necklace. Yet she brought a modern and editorial edge to the design in a way that if I had tried the dress on in a store, I would have bought it because it was perfect. 
I couldn’t recommend working with Laurie enough! 

Karin Yeske

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